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Why Do Koreans Love to Go on Blind Dates?

Korean blind dates

Blind dates sound tacky. But it’s super popular in Korea to the point the country’s trendiest reality show is dedicated to men and women on a group blind date. In addition to meeting people the way we do in the west, Koreans in their twenties and thirties love to meet new people through blind dates or sogaeting (소개팅). Scroll down to find out why these dates are so popular for Koreans!

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1. Both of you are looking for a relationship

Did you ever have a crush on someone and later find out that the person is either dating or not looking for a relationship? Blind dates could be an effective way to meet a potential partner because both of you already have that understanding established.

2. Blind dates are easy to set up

Friends, coworkers, cousins, and even acquaintances will introduce you to a date. College students go on a sogaeting as well as a “meeting,” (미팅) which is a group blind date. Matsun (맞선) is generally for an older crowd. It’s more of a serious type of sogaeting in which your parents set you up with a marriage material.

3. There’s no pressure

It’s like going on multiple first dates with no strings attached. Both of you are looking for someone to date. With blind dates, there’s no awkwardness that ensues when you have to keep seeing the person you had a crush on but didn’t reciprocate your feelings or vice versa.

Dating in South Korea is a complicated topic that can even cause your chiropractor to become a pain in the neck, but that’s another story. What do you think of the Korean dating culture? Would you be open to go on Korean style blind dates? Comment below!

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