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Watch ‘A Poem A Day’ Cast Tease Ahead of Monday’s Premiere

Are you looking for a new series to watch? How about adding “A Poem A Day” to your watch list? “A Poem A Day” is a perfect fit for this warm spring season. It’s fun, touching, and you’ll pick up a poem or two in the most unexpected way–by watching a TV show. The cast members of “A Poem A Day” shared their wish for you to be happy with them by enjoying this “co-medical” drama which premieres on Monday. Without further ado, here are some highlights from yesterday’s press conference.

1. It’s not a medical but a “co-medical” drama

“A Poem A Day” started with a simple question of “Why are all medical dramas stories about doctors?” Producer Han Sang Jae wanted to break that paradigm by filming a medical show starring doctors’ co-workers, such as physical therapists and radiologists–hence the catchphrase “co-medical.” This drama is also comical and lighthearted. Do you see the wordplay there?

2. Each episode introduces two to three poems

Befitting the name, “A Poem A Day” will share two to three poems per episode. Actress Lee Yoon Bi (Somehow 18, Twenty), who plays the main character Woo Bo Young, says she loves poetry in real life. There’s evidence of it on Instagram, where she occasionally shares her favorite poems of the moment.

3. Lee Yoo Bi is as lovely and easygoing as her on-screen character

When actors were asked to pick one person whose drama personality matched their real-life personality best, all the fingers in the room pointed at Yoo Bi. Actress Park Han Sol, who plays Bo Young’s roommate Lee Si Eun in the show, said Yoo Bi is so lovely and positive, and much like her on-screen character that everyone on the filming set called her Bo Young, her screen name.

4. Lee Joon Hyuk is a veteran actor with good looks

Lee Joon Hyuk of “Stranger” had been in several dark, serious and scary dramas recently, and he’s really enjoying the change of mood in “A Poem A Day.” He’s sure this drama is something you can easily watch and get excited about.

On another note, Joon Hyuk met up with the advising doctor so often that they almost lived together, according to the PD. Since Joon Hyuk plays the number one physical therapist in Korea, he wanted to nail his expressions, gestures, and techniques, the PD explained.

5. The love triangle with the best second lead EVER

As always, the main and second male leads have opposing personalities. The main lead Ye Jae Wook (Lee Joon Hyuk) is the number one physical therapist in Korea. He may be a bit mysterious and annoying at times with his unsolicited advice, but his cuttingly good looks more than make up for his flaws.

The second male lead Shin Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon of ‘School 2017’) is a little boy at heart. He rolls on the floor to get what he wants from his parents. He’s an unmotivated physical therapy trainee and Bo Young’s old love interest. He loves to party all night, though actor Dong Yoon says he’s only been to a club twice in real life! So what do you think? Don’t you already have a case of second male lead syndrome?

Are you excited to watch “A Poem A Day”? Share your thoughts down below!

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