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Best Historical K-Dramas With a Time-Travel Twist

From “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” to “Faith,” we’ve watched a bunch of Korean sageuk (historical dramas). No genre juxtaposes the modern and old times better than historical shows with a time-travel twist. Scroll down to reveal the best historical K-dramas with a time-travel twist!

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3 Things To Consider As You Watch Ji Sung & Han Ji Min’s ‘Familiar Wife’

We’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of “Familiar Wife (Wife I Know)” starring Ji Sung and Han Ji Min tonight! Watch the press conference to find out why Ji Sung wanted to become a baseball player had he not started acting, and behind-the-scenes stories to Han Ji Min’s on-screen outfits! Plus, scroll down to reveal three things to consider as you watch “Familiar Wife.”

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