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Suzy and Lee Dong Wook Announce Their Breakup

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Lee Dong Wook of “Goblin” and Bae Suzy of “While You Were Sleeping” announced their breakup today. Both of their agencies said they naturally fell apart because of work, adding that they won’t be commenting beyond this.

It was almost four months ago when the dating news broke out. Back in March, the couple had kept their cool while responding to dating rumors, saying they were “just getting to know each other.”

Back then, Lee Dong Wook and Suzy “weren’t officially dating, so they’d met up at cafes once or twice without thinking much about it … When the dating news went viral, they were dismayed. But they decided to make the relationship official, because they’d been interested in each other,” an unnamed source told OSEN.

There’s no denying that the agencies always seem to say “busy schedule” was the reason for breakups but there might have some truth to it this time, because Lee Dong Wook and Suzy both have a drama lined up. The JTBC drama “Life” starring Lee Dong Wook and Cho Seung Woo is airing its first episode on July 23. “Life” is the second K-drama of screenwriter Lee Soo Yeon of the “Stranger” fame. Earlier this month, Suzy and Lee Seung Ki confirmed to star in “Vagabond,” which doesn’t have a release date yet. This would be Lee Seung Ki and Suzy’s second time leading together since “Gu Family Book.”

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