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‘Miss Hammurabi’ Is the Best Thing to Happen to Us & Here’s Why

The first two episodes of JTBC’s “Miss Hammurabi” aired this week. Here’s why we’re so stoked to continue watching this great series starring Go Ara, Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE’s L), and Sung Dong Il

1. A legal show written by a judge

Ten years ago, judge Moon Yoo Seok and “Miss Hammurabi” director Kwak Jung Hwan noticed the absence of quality legal TV Korean shows. Judge Moon wrote a column called “Miss Hammurabi” in 2015 with the intention to turn it into a TV show, director Kwak shared on Monday’s press conference. Judge Moon published the series of articles on The Hankyoreh into a book in 2016, and wrote the “Miss Hammurabi” screenplay.

2. It tackles gender issues

Park Cha Oh Reum (Go Ara) is a feminist in her own way. She doesn’t accept manspreading in a crowded subway train. She also takes the idea of business attire for women to the extreme by showing up in a niqab. Down the road, you’ll see this ambitious rookie judge afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.

3. Go Ara and Sung Dong Il reunite

A daughter and a father from “Reply 1994” reunite as a rookie judge and her boss. They’ve also starred together in “Hwarang.”

4. Kim Myung Soo’s breakthrough role

His first lead was in the 2012 drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band.” We loved Kim Myung Soo as the kid version of Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) in “The Master’s Sun.” With these experiences under his belt, Infinite’s L transformed into a cool-headed judge who’s actually empathic inside in “Miss Hammurabi,” and proved himself as a talented idol-turned-actor (tk).

5. ?????

We’d like to know why you’re excited to watch “Miss Hammurabi.” What did you think of the first two episodes, and why are you planning to continue watching? Is it Kim Myung Soo’s good looks that keeps you going, like Ryu Deok Hwan said? Or is it the way he slowly falls for Go Ara’s character? Please let us know in the comments below!

What do you think?

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