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The Best Lotte World Korea Hacks You Need to Know

Lotte World Korea

Did you know Lotte World holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest indoor theme park? Here’s everything you need to know BEFORE visiting Seoul’s biggest theme park, including ticketing, restaurants, parades and fireworks. Scroll down to reveal the ultimate Lotte World Korea hacks!

1. Purchase your tickets in advance
Lotte World Korea

1 day pass, also known as daily passport ticket, includes access to all rides at Lotte World Adventure (indoor) and Magic Island (outdoor theme park), and entrance to folk museum. It doesn’t include admission to ice skating rink or aquarium. See detailed fee structure here. If you’re unfamiliar with the South Korean currency, approximately 1,200 South Korean won is 1 USD.

 1 DayAfter 4 p.m.
Adult (19 yrs +)₩57,000₩46,000
Youth (13-18 yrs)₩50,000₩40,000
Child (3-12 yrs)₩46,000₩35,000

Purchase your ticket in advance to avoid waiting in line. The Lotte World 1 day pass is ₩32,000 on Klook (affiliate link).

2. Download the Lotte World app to save time 
Lotte World Korea

With the app, you can check the attractions’ wait times and reserve express pass.

3. Consider taking advantage of the express pass
Lotte World Seoul Korea

Similar to Disneyland’s fastpass, Lotte World’s magic pass saves time by eliminating waiting in line. Use the new magic pass kiosks to choose an attraction to reserve and get a receipt with return time. They’re located near the meeting plaza (1F), Castle Music Show (1F) and Wild Valley (B1). You can also do this on your phone on the Lotte World app. The older attractions will have the magic pass kiosk near the entrance.

5-ride magic pass premium is ₩40,000, and unlimited magic pass is ₩100,000. Read more here.

4. Hop on the unique rides first
Lotte World Korea

Attractions unique to Lotte World are Dragons Wild Shooting, Desperados II, French Revolution, Comet Express, Atlantis, The Adventures of Sindbad and Pharaoh’s Fury. Read more about each ride here.

5. Watch the fireworks in a balloon ride

The balloon ride on the third floor of the indoor park usually has short wait time. Ride the balloon during the fireworks for a bird’s-eye view of the park plus the beautiful fireworks. The fireworks and light show, called Let’s Dream Night Parade, takes place every night at 8 p.m. for 30 minutes. Check the website for changes or updates.

6. Ride the attractions during parades

If you’re not much of a parade person, wait for rides when everyone else is watching the parades.

Lotte World has four seasonal festivals a year.  From March to June, follow a masquerade of Lotte World characters and dancers on the first floor of the Adventure indoor park. It starts every day at 2 p.m. and lasts for 30 minutes. Check the website for detailed information.

7. When the park gets crowded, take a break
Lotte World Korea

When the park feels extra crowded, grab food or take a break. The theater seats in the main stage area in the indoor park is a good place to people watch. If you packed food, you can eat at the picnic lounge (map).

8. Save the ticket for 50% discount to ice skating rink 
Lotte World Korea ice rink seoul

The Lotte World 1 day pass (affiliate link) doesn’t get you into the ice skating rink, but save your ticket and return to Lotte World for a 50% discount. That brings down the entrance fee to ₩5,500 for adults and ₩5,000 for children. Skate rentals run for ₩5,000. Please note these fees are subject to change. Check the website (Korean) for more.

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9. There are multifaith prayer rooms 

Multifaith prayer rooms are by the Jungle Adventure Boat exit door on the third floor of Adventure indoor park. There’s halal Turkish restaurant Pasha on the second floor of Adventure.

Do you have additional questions about Lotte World Korea or anything to add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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