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‘Live Up To Your Name’ Actors Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

Live Up To Your Name
Photo: 'Live Up To Your Name'

Deciding what to watch next? Here’s why “Live Up To Your Name” would be perfect for you. This 2017 fantasy drama, called 명불허전 or Myeongbulheojeon in Korean, loosely follows the life of historical figure Heo Joon, a Joseon-dynasty court physician to King Seonjo. “Western medicine, Korean medicine, time slip, comedy and coming-of-age. This K-drama has so many stories in it. We didn’t know what you’d like, so we’ve prepared a little bit of everything,” producer Hong Jong Chan said at the “Live Up To Your Name” press conference last Tuesday. Hong describes this new time-travel drama, which airs after the “Stranger” finale, a “gift set.” Scroll down to see the drama’s selling points per cast member!

He: A medical scientist from the past
Live Up To Your Name
Photo: ‘Live Up To Your Name’ Kim Nam Gil

“Time slip genre has gotten cliche,” Kim Nam Gil says. “There’s nothing special or fresh. We tried to dig deeper than the genre … The genre aside, we approached the drama in a way people can have fun and laugh while watching it.” Kim added he liked the drama’s message to put people before medicine.

She: A thoracic surgeon in present-day Seoul
Live Up To Your Name
Photo: ‘Live Up To Your Name’ Kim Ah Joong

The “Wanted” actor isn’t sure whether her character is a girl crush as some people say. “(My character) works hard and plays hard,” Kim Ah Joong explains. “She’s not as dark as my previous roles. She’s cheerful but also ponders over life. I want you to see my character learn and grow to define what a good doctor and great person is.”

Photo: ‘Live Up To Your Name’

The two supporting actors Yoo Min Kyu and Moon Ga Young thanked their sunbaes for support.

Yoo Min Kyu thanked Kim Ah Joong for helping balance his two characters. “I thought hard about the historical tone and acting. When we moved onto [film] the modern days, I felt awkward to be wearing a shirt. Then Kim Ah Joong said, ‘It’s okay. Let’s work on it together.'”

Moon Ga Young said, “Kim Ah Joong always welcomed me at the first read-through and later in private gatherings. Kim Nam Gil sunbae joked around on set and made me feel comfortable.”

Photo: ‘Live Up To Your Name’
Live Up To Your Name
Photo: ‘Live Up To Your Name’

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