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7 Korean Actors Who Have Doubled as Directors

Directors, actors and screenwriters are some of the most important roles in making a TV show. An actor molds into a character the screenwriter has invented, and directors oversee everything on set. It may surprise you that some multi-talented actors have experimented with directing a TV show or a film. Let’s take a look at the best of them!

1 Cha Tae Hyun

Cha, who has been interested in directing, gladly accepted PD Yoo Ho Jin’s invitation to co-direct “The Best Hit.” Cha has been a longtime cast member of Yoo’s variety show “2 Days 1 Night.”

Since Cha directs and stars in “The Best Hit,” he goes by Lee Kang Jae when filming and Ra Joon Mo when directing. The name Ra Joon Mo originates from the PD character he played in “Producer” in 2015.

2 Ku Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun has shot numerous independent films since 2008. Her debut film
“The Madonna” screened at the 2009 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. She experimented with 3D filming in “Fragments of Sweet Memories.” (2012) She founded her company, Ku Hye Sun Film, in 2011 and revealed “The Peach Tree.” Her latest is “Daughter,” which she directed, wrote, and played a part as a mother.

3 Namgoong Min

The “Remember” actor Namgoong Min wrote and shot a short film called “Light My Fire” (2015). This mystery crime thriller features half a corpse from the get-go, according to Dramabeans. Namgoong Min met model and actress Jin Ah Reum on set, whom he started dating in 2016. The couple is still going strong!

4 Ha Jung Woo

The Berlin File” actor Ha Jung Woo debuted as a director through “Rollercoaster,” and proved his worth as a director through “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant,” which he also co-wrote and starred alongside of Ha Ji Won.

5. Yoo Ji Tae

The “Healer” actor was recognized for “Mai Ratima,” his first full-length movie, at the Deauville Asian Film Festival in Deauville, France, in 2013.

6 Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung debuted as a director through the short film “The Killer Behind the Old Man,” (2014) which chronicles the killer’s process of searching for a target and executing his plan.

7 Yoo Ah In

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Who’s your favorite actor-turned-director? Which film by these actors do you want to watch? Please let us know below!

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