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11 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix in 2021

10 K-Dramas to Watch on Netflix in 2021

If you’re a fan of K-dramas, you’re probably as excited about 2021 as we are! 2021 is going to be another great year for fans of K-dramas with a dozen or so Korean Netflix Originals scheduled to air. Some of the popular Netflix Originals made in Korea, such as the apocalyptic thriller “Kingdom” (Ju Ji Hoon, Bae Doona and Jun Ji Hyun) and the romantic series “Love Alarm” (Kim So HyunSong Kang and Jung Ga Ram) are returning with a new season. You can also watch Korean TV shows from JTBC and tvN on Netflix, such as “Arthdal Chronicles,” Season 2, starring actor Song Joong Ki. Please note that Netflix premiere date is undecided for most shows.

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New Netflix Originals

1. The Silent Sea (Netflix Original)

Korean actress Bae Doona k-dramas netflix 2021
Actress Bae Doona of ‘Stranger,’ ‘Kingdom’ and now ‘The Silent Sea’

The Earth has undergone desertification because of urbanization and climate change, and everyone struggles to acquire food and water. To save the humanity, a special task force is formed to secure a mysterious sample. The sample, which might be the humanity’s last hope, is located in Balhae Base, an abandoned research station on the moon. On board the spaceship are team leader Han Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo), astrobiologist Sogn Ji An (Bae Doona) and head engineer and captain Ryoo Tae Seok (Lee Joon). Actors Heo Sung Tae and Lee Moo Saeng also star in “The Silent Sea,” which is produced by South Korean actor Jung Woo Sung.

2. Suriname (Netflix Original)

Ha Jung Woo Suriname 2021 K-dramas on Netflix
Ha Jung Woo

Great news for all of the Ha Jung Woo and Hwang Jung Min fans out there! We can watch these movie stars on the small screen in 2021. “Suriname” is Ha’s first TV series in 13 years, and Hwang’s first in eight years.

Based on the true story of a Korean man who becomes a drug lord in Suriname, the show will start filming in March or April 2021. The initial plan pre-Covid was to shoot in the Dominican Republic in 2020. With the onset of pandemic, the team had postponed its schedule indefinitely. According to the recent change of plans, they’ll shoot 80% of the show on film sets in Korea, and then shoot the rest in South East Asia.

“Surinam” will be the most expensive Korean TV show to produce, costing Netflix around $360,000 USD. “Mr. Sunshine (2018)” and “Arthdal Chronicles (2019)” were some of the most expensive K-dramas to date. “Suriname” is scheduled to begin filming in March or April 2021.

3. All of Us Are Dead (Netflix Original)

Park Solomon k-dramas netflix 2021
Actor Park Solomon stars in ‘All of Us Are Dead’

“All of Us Are Dead” is an apocalyptic thriller about a group of high school students (Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Park Solomon and Lee Kyu Hyung) who must escape the school they’re trapped in while fighting the zombies. It’s based on a popular webtoon called “Now at Our School.”

4. Move to Heaven (Netflix Original)

Actor Lee Je Hoon k-dramas netflix 2021
Lee Je Hoon

Gu Ru (Tang Jun Sang), a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, meets his uncle Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon) for the first time after the death of his father. As a way of coping with death and grief, the two decide to launch a service together to help families sort through belongings after a death. Inspired by the non-fiction essay “Things Left Behind,” by Kim Sae Byul, “Move to Heaven” also stars actors Ji Jin Hee and Lee Jae Wook.

5. Round Six (Netflix Original)

L to R | Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo
Photo by ARTISTCOMPANY, BH Entertainment

“Round Six” depicts a story of people who decide to become the players of a mysterious survival game that has a whopping 40-million-dollar prize at stake. Gi Hun, played by Lee Jung Jae, seems defeated by life after being fired from his job. He decides to join the survival game to win prize money. Sang Woo, played by Park Hae Soo, is Gi Hun’s childhood friend and he also joins the game as he gets in trouble at work despite all the hard work he has done to be where he is at now. (Source: Netflix)

6. Hellbound (Netflix Original)

[L to R: Yoo Ah In, Park Jeong Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Won Jin Ah, Yang Ik June | Photos courtesy of each talent management]

“Hellbound,” a new original series about supernatural angels appearing out of nowhere to condemn people to hell. Jeong Jin Su (Yoo Ah In) is the charismatic and mysterious head of the New Truth Church. As the angels of death arrive, the New Truth Church leads a religious crusade proclaiming that these visits are the will of the divine. Bae Yeong Jae (Park Jung Min) is a producer at a broadcasting company that investigates the New Truth Church. Lastly, Min Hye Jn (Kim Hyun Joo) is a smart, self-assured lawyer who goes up against the New Truth Church and its extremist Arrowhead devotees. (Source: Netflix)

7. D. P. Dog Day (Netflix Original)

“D. P. Dog Day,” with D. P. standing for Deserter Pursuit, tells a story of a military policeman tracking down young military deserters. The series stars actors Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Son Seok Koo, Kim Sung Kyun and Lee Jun Young. “D.P. Dog Day” is based on an autobiographical webtoon by Kim Bo Tong.

8. Undercover (Netflix Original)

Undercover (Netflix Original)

Previously known as “Nemesis” for a short while, “Undercover” (working title) tells the story of Yun Jiu (Han So Hee), who joins a drug cartel and becomes a mole in the police force to seek the truth behind her father’s death. She encounters harsh truths in the course of carrying out her revenge. The series also stars actors Ahn Bo Hyun of “Itaewon Class” and Park Hee Soon. (Source: Netflix)

As a side note, there’s another drama named “Undercover” that’s coming to us in 2021. Unlike Netflix’s “Undercover,” JTBC’s “Undercover” is a love story starring actors Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo, and produced by Story TV of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and JTBC Studio of “The World of the Married” and “SKY Castle.”

Returning Netflix Originals

9. Kingdom (Netflix Original)

Jun Ji Hyun Kingdom
Actress Jun Ji Hyun in Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’ Season 3

Season 3

Actress Jun Ji Hyun (Gianna Jun) is going to play a new important character in the third installment of the Kingdom series. The previous cast includes actors Ju Ji Hoon, Bae Doona and more.

“Kingdom: Ashin of the North” is a sidequel from “Kingdom,” Season 2, and a backstory about the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey north to discover the origins of the infected. The surprising appearance of Gianna Jun (Jun Ji Hyun) in the role of Ashin at the end of “Kingdom,” Season 2 intrigued audiences. In this eagerly anticipated bonus story, Jun as Ashin will unveil the mystery behind her identity. (Source: Netflix)

10. Love Alarm (Netflix Original)

Season 2

“Love Alarm” revolves around the story of a disruptive technology that enables users to discover love through an application that notifies whether someone within the vicinity of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter) Based on the popular webtoon, this series stars Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram.

More K-Dramas to Stream on Netflix

Below are K-dramas from other networks (JTBC and tvN) that are also available on Netflix.

11. Arthdal Chronicles (tvN)

Arthdal Chronicles Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki from ‘Arthdal Chronicles’

Season 2

If you loved HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” you’ll love this Korean fantasy drama. “Arthdal Chronicles” evolves around the city of Arthal as prince Saya (Song Joong Ki) and fighter Eunsom, also played by Song Joong Ki, struggle to rise to power. The series also stars actors Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won and Kim Ok Bin.

Browse all K-dramas available on Netflix, and let us know which K-dramas you plan to watch on Netflix in 2021 below!

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