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4DX or 4D movies in Korea are worth checking out even if you’re just visiting, because not many other countries offer films in 4D. Here’s how you can watch movies in 4DX in Korea.

1. Why 4D movies in Korea?

Korea may be the world’s best country to watch a movie in 4D in terms of the number of 4D theaters they offer. Korea’s CJ Group developed the 4DX technology, which is a more advanced version of the 4D technology we’re familiar with. In November 2011, CJ-owned CGV theaters screened their first 4DX film, “Immortals.” It was “the first of its kind [4DX] in the world,” Kim Dae Hee, CGV public relations representative, told CNN Travel.

2. What is 4DX?

Imagine a 4D ride at Disneyland, except it’s a two-hour-long movie. 4DX motion picture technology offers 3D display, enhanced audio, smell and touch. That means when the characters jump into the ocean, you’ll get a splash of water. When they walk in a garden, you’ll smell the trees. And when they fight, you’ll twitch.

3. CGV 4DX Theaters in Korea

31 CGV theaters in Korea offer 4DX screenings, and 10 of them are in Seoul. The Seoul theaters are underlined below. Other locations across South Korea include Daejeon, Daegu, Jeonju and more. See the full list of CGV theaters that offer 4DX screening below.

4DX Ansan4DX Bucheon4DX Centum City4DX Changwon
4DX Cheonan Pentaport4DX Cheongju Gwellcity4DX Chungdam Cinecity4DX Daegu
4DX Daegu Stadium4DX Daejeon4DX Daejeon Terminal4DX Dong Suwon
4DX Gangbyeon4DX Gimhae4DX Jeonju Gosa4DX Gwangju Terminal
4DX Ilsan4DX Incheon4DX Jukjeon4DX Pangyo
4DX Ulsan Samsan4DX Sangam4DX Sangbong4DX Seomyeon
4DX Shinchon Artreon4DX Songpa4DX Suwon4DX Wangsimni
4DX Yeongdeungpo4DX Yeouido4DX Yongsan

See the list in Korean here.

In Korea, movie tickets come with an assigned seat number, which means it’s better to purchase them in advance to reserve good seats. Koreans usually purchase online on CGV Cinema (English ticketing available) or through the CGV mobile app (Download for Android or iOS).

Korea offers other types of theaters like Starium, cine de chef and more. See the full list here.

How was your experience of watching 4D movies in Korea like? Share with us in the comments below!


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