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Here’s What Seeing ‘Voice 2’ Cast IRL Was Like

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we attended the “Voice 2” press conference. Here’s what seeing the cast–Lee Jin Wook, Lee Ha Na, Son Eun Seo, Ahn Sae Ha, and Kim Woo Seok–was like and our expectations for this crime thriller based on what went down in the press conference!

1. The cast members seem close

We noticed that the cast seem more relaxed in some conferences than in others. This was definitely the case with the Voice 2 cast. The actors bantered with the director and, when they didn’t want to answer a question, they jokingly passed it onto one another.

2. Lee Jin Wook pretty funny

We got the sense that, had it not been at an official event, he would be super easy and also possibly goofy in person. While explaining his “psychopathic detective” (because he has the superpower to read the criminals’ minds), he said his character Moon Jin Hyuk is like a “sharp edge of a sword” to say that he is sharp, complex and unpredictable.

3. Lee Ha Na is a goddess

First off, can we just admire her style?

This black trench dress of hers gaped a bit in the front when she walked, which looked so chic. She explained so delicately but clearly that her character Kang Kwon Joo will step up as the chief of golden time team and collect sounds on site as well as over the phone in season 2. A random but relevant fact: Did you know that Lee Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook debuted in the same drama? Can anyone guess which K-drama it was?

4. Director Lee Seung Young loves spoilers

He set the tone for Tuesday’s discussion as he shared some previews of Voice 2. If the first season were focused on the individual villains, expect to see more of organized crimes that are structured and complex in Voice 2. He also hinted that we’ll get to see action scenes shot by drones in addition to the good old chasing (running) scenes.

5. Kim Woo Seok has the sweetest voice we’ve ever heard

Many Korean actors are multitalented, and Kim Woo Seok is no exception. He is a musical actor and a lead vocalist of indie K-pop duo Melomance. (Start the cover video at 4:35 to hear him sing) “Voice 2” is actually his first K-drama! He stars as a hacker who tracks the digital footprint of the criminals. And he works under chief Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na).

Will you watch “Voice 2” this weekend? Please let us know below!

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