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‘Heart Signal’ Cast Member Seo Joo Won is Getting Married

Last updated on November 26, 2018

Fate comes in many shapes and forms. For this couple, it was a dating show. Car racer Seo Joo Won of the “Heart Signal” fame and model Kim Min Young are tying the knot on November 1 in Seoul.

The groom-to-be was a fan of Kim Min Young since high school. When he starred in the dating show “Heart Signal,” the show hosts Shin Dong and Kim Yi Na introduced him to his wife-to-be. “After meeting her a couple of times, I invited [Kim Min Young] to the last racing competition of 2017. After that, we gradually started dating,” the “Heart Signal” cast member told OSEN.

Seo Joo Won started racing professionally in 2008. He became the youngest champion at the 2010 Korea Kart Championship. Aside from modeling, Kim Min Young, who has a huge Instagram following, creates beauty contents online.

It’s unbelievable that a dating show has helped them find love and eventually get married. In the end, it seems alright that Seo Joo Won didn’t receive any heart signals in the show.

The sequel “Heart Signal 2” was also a great hit. Click here to see if it’s worth watching. Aside from the Heart Signal series, “We Got Married,” “We Are In Love” and “Perhaps Love” are some of the dating shows you can check out. 

Congratulations, Seo Joo Won and Kim Min Young!

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