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‘Heart Signal 3’ Cast IG Accounts & What Are They Up to Now?

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Fans who loved watching “Heart Signal 3” this summer might wonder where you can follow the eight cast members on Instagram, and what they’re up to now. (Hint: Many of them are YouTubers.) The “Heart Signal” series is the trendiest and most talked about romantic reality show in Korea to date. Here’s all the updates on the eight “Heart Signal 3” housemates. Take a look!

Park Ji Hyun

Ji Hyun (@jeehyun._), who ended up with Kim Kang Yeol in “Heart Signal” season 3 finale, started a YouTube channel called day Ji Hyun, where she shares her outfits, makeup styles, recipes and more. Ji Hyun is a student at Waseda University in Tokyo.

Seo Min Jae

Min Jae (@seominjae_71), like Ji Hyun, has created a YouTube channel (min.iae서민재) where she shares tips on taking great photos, arranging flowers and brewing pour over coffee. In the video below, she’s hanging out with other “Heart Signal” cast members Lee Ga Heun and Kim Jang Mi.

Lee Ga Heun

Ga Heun (@lee_gaheun) is also a YouTuber (Gahen96) and the most active one so far, sharing her down-to-earth personality, campus life as a vet student and her first car, an off-white VW Beetle. Below she and Seo Min Jae visit Jung Eui Dong’s studio. Take a look!

Jung Eui Dong

Eui Dong (@dong2studio), whose day job is an animal figurine sculptor, has also started selling his figurines online at Dong2 Studio and you can even take a figurine making workshop and online through Class 101.

Cheon In Woo

In Woo (@lucascheon) is still an engineering manager at a fintech company. Hop on over to his Instagram account to check out his style!

Im Han Gyeol

Han Gyeol (@_hkyeol), a restaurant consultant, has opened a lounge called Boulevard (BLVD) in Seongsu-dong in Seoul.

Also check out Han Gyeol’s YouTube channel (GyeolTube), where he shares how he found the opportunity to star in “Heart Signal 3,” whether he was born with a bunch of silver spoons in his mouth and more (English subtitle available). 

Kim Kang Yeol

Kang Yeol (@kkysns), who joined the show in episode 6, runs his own fashion brand Muchae, which means lack of color in Korean. His eponymous YouTube channel shares his personal and professional life, including a video of his team making a shearling jacket from scratch. Watch Kang Yeol share his ideal type in the interview below!

Cheon Anna

Anna is @euuecoco on Instagram and mostly shares her personal life, traveling to Korea’s East Sea, volunteering at an animal shelter and out and about in Seoul.

Which “Heart Signal 3” cast member is your favorite and why? Please tell us below!

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