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11 Cool Facts About the First Non-Korean K-Pop Group EXP EDITION

EXP Edition

Have you heard of the non-Korean K-pop band EXP EDITION? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. EXP is the first and only K-pop boy band made in New York City. Though they’re K-pop, none of the five members are Korean. Scroll down to check out the 11 cool facts about the first non-Korean K-pop band! 

1. This first and only non-Korean K-pop band has 3 singles & EPs under their belts 
EXP Edition

Hunter, Koki, Frankie and Sime come from different parts of the world like Hong Kong, Croatia and the United States. They have released “Stress” (2018), EP “First Edition” (2018) and single “Feel Like This” (2017).

2. EXP EDITION started out as an experimental project of a Columbia University graduate student
EXP Edition

EXP EDITION debuted after Bora Kim, the Columbia University student, turned her doctoral dissertation into a successful Kickstarter project, raising enough seed money to make a boy band. The band’s name comes from the first three letters of the word “experiment.”

3. EXP EDITION is the first K-pop band made by three women

Unlike BIGBANG or GOT7, which are formed by K-pop’s mega agencies, EXP EDITION was made from scratch by three female artists. Bora Kim, Karin Kuroda, and Samantha Y. Shao initiated the I’m Making a Boy Band (IMMABB) project to recruit and debut the five EXP members. The project was born to illustrate concepts like gender roles in pop culture and their impact on other issues in the globalized world.

4. The boys come from diverse musical backgrounds 

The five members come from different musical backgrounds such as jazz, pop, R&B and musical theater. Their music producer comes from an EDM and dance background, and together they create what’s uniquely EXP EDITION.

5. EXP EDITION is K-pop and a few other genres

“It’s a hybrid of a few different genres,” member Hunter describes their music style. As the first K-pop boy band, EXP EDITION embraces various cultures and genres of music. Though none of the five members are Korean, EXP EDITION labels their music as K-pop because of their Korean lyrics and love for the K-pop fandom culture.

6. EXP EDITION sings in Korean and English

Lyrics for their two singles, “Luv/Wrong” and “Feel Like This,” are in both Korean and English. Moving forward, they hope to sing more in Korean. They take two-hour Korean lessons every day as seen on a KBS documentary about them in January. They’re planning a Korean debut this year.

7. EXP EDITION members write their own lyrics

Most of the members come from a songwriting background. They write the English version of the songs, which Bora translates into Korean.

8. EXP gets their inspirations from Zion T, CL and Michael Jackson

The boy band members say their music is inspired by American and Korean artists aforementioned. They are keen on creating an electric blend of American and Korean pop music.

9. EXP EDITION hopes to star in a variety show 

In February 2016, when asked what they’d like to do in the future, former member Tarion said “I’d love to be on a reality show with these guys,” adding that Hunter will probably outdo the rest of the members. And he was right. Hunter now has his own YouTube channel.

10. They’re unafraid to push boundaries

“We’re all doing something that’s never been done before and we’re breaking boundaries,” Hunter said. They’re challenging the notion of K-pop for the audience. Is K-pop a musical genre? Must K-pop groups have a Korean member? In other words, what constitutes K-pop?

11. They’re the most controversial K-pop group in the world

They’re the most controversial K-pop band according to Vice.

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