What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file (often including a unique identifier), which contains small amounts of information that are sent to your browser and stored on your computer, tablet or mobile device. As well as first party cookies there may also be “third-party cookies” included on our site, placed on your browser from, for example, from third party advertisers. You can control your consent to these cookies through the cookie consent tool here.

Whenever you are on our websites or apps, there may be “session cookies” and “persistent cookies” operating. Session cookies are temporary and only exist while you’re browsing our sites, whereas “persistent cookies” will remain on your browser (for a specific period) and will be activated again when you return to one of our sites.

How do we use Cookies?

Cookies help us to improve our websites, apps and the services delivered to you and to commercialize them. Our websites use cookies to distinguish you from other users even if we don’t know your name or who you are from those cookies. Cookies are used to control the display of ads, track usage patterns, personalize our websites for you and collect information about our users as a whole.

Certain cookies we use require your consent and others do not. We only ask your consent when legally required to do so.

How to opt out or adjust settings?

For UK and EU based individuals, we collect your consent up front to any installation of non-essential cookies. If you change your mind and want to opt out at any time, you can do so through our cookie preference center here: Do not sell my personal information. Remember that your consent settings are specific to the device and browser you are using.

You can also block cookies by selecting or deselecting certain types of cookie through your device/web browser that enables you to refuse the downloading of cookies. If you choose to not accept certain cookies, some interactive features of our websites may not work.

Any personal data we collect through cookies will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found here.