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5 Things You Can Expect from Dating a Korean Guy

Last updated on December 20, 2018

Whether you met him through a sogaeting (blind date) or dating app, here are five things you can expect from your Korean bae.

1. He’ll ask you out super early in the game

And this will happen probably on the third date. In the west, we take time to get to know the person before dating. In Korea, people start dating right when they see the romance spark. Yes, they seem to be more of spark chasers than slow burners. On the flip side, this means when a foreign guy doesn’t show much interest from the get-go, a Korean girl could think he’s not that into her.

2. Or he might not ask you out at all

It’s not super common but not unheard of for Korean men to skip the asking out part altogether and assume that you guys are together, because you obviously like each other.

3. PDA is cringey, but matching couple outfit isn’t

Korean couples won’t kiss on the streets, but they’ll sport a pair of identical caps, tops, or sneakers. I mean, look how cute Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo are in their pink sweaters! It’s so common to wear matching outfits that Koreans will do it not just with their significant other, but also with a friend.

4. He’ll most likely offer to pay for everything

Why wouldn’t he? Oppa has the money.

For some guys, picking up the bill signals “I’m interested in you.” And no, they won’t cover for you 100% of the time. Be nice and offer to pay. Meet them halfway, you know?

5. He might take it too fast too soon

So he may have asked you out on the third date, said the L-word too fast, and proposed to you too soon. Whatever happens, remember that it’s the rules you set up for yourselves that matter the most in the relationship.

How was your experience of dating a Korean guy? Also check out what we think of dating a Korean woman!

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