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5 Reasons To Watch Rain’s Kdrama ‘Sketch’

Rain and Lee Dong Gun’s “Sketch” premieres tonight, and here are highlights from yesterday’s press conference. Watch the video above and take a look at why we think you should tune in for Kdrama “Sketch” tonight!

1. Rain’s diligence shines through

If you’ve been following Rain for a long time, you’d easily remember how much he practiced to perfect his dance moves when he was learning from JYP. “The best thing to do is work hard,” he said during the “Sketch” press conference. We bet his diligence will shine through “Sketch,” especially in the action scenes.

2. This is Rain and Lee Dong Gun’s first K-drama since 2002

Rain’s first drama ever was ‘Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School’ which also starred Lee Dong Gun.

3. This is also their first K-drama after having a family of their own

Both actors are married, and each has a baby daughter. Dong Gun says they have more to talk about “now that we have more in common.”

4. The action scenes are going to be so cool

Rain says he had to enact the same action scene three to four times to get it right from different angles. He was happy with the results and received many compliments from the action director, but he got sick in bed after filming one particular action scene on deck of a ship.

5. ?????

Are you excited to watch Kdrama “Sketch”? Let us know in the comments below!

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