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2021 K-Pop Predictions from BigHit, YG, SM, JYP and More

2021 K-Pop Predictions

A lot has happened in K-pop in 2020, including BTS’s first online concert, BTS’s agency Bighit Entertainment going IPO, and Blackpink‘s collaboration with Selena Gomez. According to our 2021 K-pop predictions, you can expect much more from the K-pop powerhouses BigHit, YG, SM and JYP this year. Take a look at the 2021 K-pop predictions!

1. Rising Rookies: Aespa, NiziU, Treasure and ITZY

The first of the 2021 K-pop predictions is about the new faces in K-pop. SM and JYP have debuted a new girl group in 2020, and YG’s Treasure is releasing their first full-length album this month. Most of all, we’re excited about BigHit’s new girl group, which we know almost nothing about yet.  

Aespa (SM)

2021 K-Pop Predictions

When SM Entertainment launched Aespa in 2020, it was six years after their last girl group, Red Velvet. SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man says Aespa is the future of entertainment, as its four members interact with their respective avatar members who reside in the virtual world. Their debut “Black Mamba” has over 10 million views on YouTube.

NiziU (JYP)

Superseding Wonder Girls, Twice and ITZY, JYP’s NiziU is a K-pop girl group made up of Japanese members. The members were selected locally through auditions with Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The group appeared in NHK’s “Red and White Song Battle” in December 2020. Will NiziU follow in Twice’s footsteps and rise to fame? We have our fingers crossed.

Treasure (YG)

YG’s Treasure is dropping their first full-length album “The First Step: Treasure Effect” and its lead single “My Treasure” on January 11. Boy band Treasure was formed in 2019 through survival program “YG Treasure Box.” They’re the fastest to chart on Billboard’s Social 50, and have won new artist of the year awards at Asia Artist Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards.


JYP’s rookie girl group ITZY, who debuted in 2019, is staging a comeback on January 22. ITZY is targeting the global market with its first English-language album “Not Shy,” including the English versions of their hit tracks “Not Shy,” “Wannabe,” “Icy” and “Dalla Dalla.”

Also check out “Switch to Me,” JYP founder Park Jin Young’s catchy single with Rain.

2. BigHit to unveil its first girl group in 2021

In 2019, BigHit Entertainment, the agency behind BTS, acquired Source Music, a mid-sized agency and home to girl group GFriend. Soon after the acquisition, the two agencies revealed that they’ll debut a new girl group in 2021. In August 2020, BigHit Entertainment founder Bang Si Hyuk shared more about the girl group in a briefing. They’ve finalized the members through global auditions, and it’ll be a global girl group with multinational members who speak multiple languages, according to Segye.

3. Expect Major Comebacks: BTS, Blackpink, G-Dragon, Yunho, EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet 

The second of the 2021 K-pop predictions is the K-pop stars’ comebacks. 


2021 K-Pop Predictions

Bangtan Boys’ oldest member Jin was going to join the Korean army this year but he’s no longer required to join this year, thanks to recent changes in the South Korean Military Service Act. We’re betting on another BTS virtual concert this year, much like the “Map of the Soul” online concert in 2020.


2021 K-Pop Predictions
Blackpink’s Rosé and Lisa

Blackpink’s Rosé and Lisa are going to have their solo debuts this year! YG says they’re currently working on their music videos, according to Chosun. YG is also planning Jisoo’s solo debut, which’ll happen after her filming schedule for the TV series “Snowdrop.”

If you’re a Blackpink fan, you’d know there’s a Blackpink concert coming up on January 31 at 2PM KST! Check out the Tweet from YG above for everything you need to know to attend Blackpink’s first virtual concert.


2021 K-Pop Predictions

The BigBang member G-Dragon is working on his new album, which we hope will drop in 2021. Fans are also wondering what’d happen to this year’s Coachella, because BigBang was to make an appearance at Coachella 2020 before COVID-19 hit. 

TVXQ’s Yunho

TVXQ’s Yunho is releasing his solo album “Noir” on January 16. Also staging a comeback from SM Entertainment are EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet. Exact dates are to be announced. 

2021 K-Pop Predictions
SM, JYP, YG and BigHit Entertainment

What do you think of these 2021 K-pop predictions? Tell us your thoughts below! 

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