What’s fashion in South Korea like? Our coverage of Seoul Fashion Week captures a celebration of style for the show goers and locals alike. We saw everything in-between understated chic and experimental, not to mention loads of trench coats, red accents and Burberry check. A few played with hanbok, turning this traditional garment into an everyday wear.

In addition to the regulars of fashion shows, say models, celebrities and bloggers, the new kind of street style stars were born: The kids. They posed in child-sized adult fashion and carried themselves with a dose of adorableness. Sometimes they attracted more crowd around them than the regulars outside the shows at the Zaha Hadid-designed Dongdaemum Design Plaza. Insta-popular kid model Jang Hye Ri (@hello_lovejj) was one of them. Click on any image to start slideshow, and check back for daily updates.

Seoul Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018/2019:



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