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Men With Secrets: Seo In Guk In ‘Smile Has Left Your Eyes’

In “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” the latest K-drama of actor Seo In Guk, his character uses a kitten to evoke sympathy. Yet while Seo In Guk is cradling that innocent stray, it’s easy to recognize something monstrous in him. His character Kim Moo Young may be so kindhearted that he risks his own life to rescue a kitten. Or he may be so callous that he would risk a kitten’s life—and destroy the lives of others—to accomplish what he wants.

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Lee Jin Wook And Lee Ha Na Reveal Key Differences Between ‘Voice’ Season 1 And Season 2

If you love CSI-like crime thrillers or gory horror shows, you might want to give “Voice 2” a try. Fans loved Jang Hyuk’s “Voice” so much so that OCN is bringing the second installment of the series, which is rare for K-dramas. Instead of Jang Hyuk, a new detective Lee Jin Wook will lead the show along with the gifted voice profiler (Lee Ha Na) from season 1. Take a look at the new characters and plot line for “Voice” season 2!

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The Best Asian Crime Thrillers to Chill for Summer

It’s literally been too hot and humid to go outside this week, so we stayed cool with these crime thrillers every night. If “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Dexter” or “Mindhunter” are your kind of thing, we’re sure you’ll find the best of the best Asian crime thrillers worth checking out.

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