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Smackdown: What’s the Best Korean Food Show?

Last updated on January 15, 2019

If you love food and TV, why not indulge in some mukbang? Let’s take a look at the best Korean food show and see which ones are the best of the best!

1. ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’

Where to watch: TBD

Star chefs examine what’s in a celebrity’s refrigerator, which is quite literally shipped to the studio. Watching them create extraordinary dishes out of ordinary ingredients is simply mind blowing. Also known as ‘Chef & My Fridge’ or ‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,’ this show has welcomed chef Gordon Ramsay (Watch a preview staring Ramsay here) and K-pop stars like Wanna OneBTS, and BIGBANG’s Seungri. Check out other variety shows here.

2. ‘Let’s Eat 3’

Where to watch: Viki

Premiered this summer, “Let’s Eat 3” is filled with close-ups of Korean summer eats and sprinkled with a love story. We loved seeing actor Yoon Doo Joon again in the third installment of the series–this time with actress Baek Jin Hee, who starred as his love interest from college. He’s serving the country in the military now, but we have our fingers crossed for the fourth series when he’s back. Read more about the series here tk.

3. ‘Let’s Eat’

Where to watch: Viki

Why wouldn’t you begin with the original when there are three seasons worth of episodes? This Korean food show stars Yoon Doo Joon of Beast again and actress Lee Soo Kyung. They play neighbors who start to dine together, only to “find true love in the form of delicious kimchi.”

4. ‘Late Night Restaurant’ (Midnight Dinner)

Where to watch: Viki

“Late Night Restaurant” is a mysterious restaurant open only from midnight until 7 a.m. and is run by a chef who only makes what his customers ask for. Every night, the the chef (Kim Seung Woo) dedicates himself to comforting the woes of his customers, including a gangster, a down-and-out actor, office ladies, a paper boy, and a night worker. Despite the restaurant’s unconventional hours and rules, these denizens of the night still keep coming back for more. This drama is based on an eponymous Japanese series.

5. ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’

Where to watch: TBD

K-pop stars like Winner or BTS members tag along with the hosts Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu for free dinner. They walk around the neighborhood and and ring the doorbell of random houses to invite themselves for a dinner together. Luckily for them, they usually find a hospitable house that welcomes them by the end of the show. The “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” actress Im Soo Hyang has starred for an episode of mukbang. Find out what regular Korean households eat in Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

In addition to the aforementioned, “Temperature of Love,” “Choco Bank,” “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” and “Pasta” are some of the food-themed K-dramas.

Which one do you think is the best Korean food show? Please comment below!

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