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7 Reasons to Girl Crush on ‘Misty’ Actress Kim Nam Joo

Last updated on November 26, 2018

The latest JTBC K-drama “Misty” is so addictive, mostly because of Kim Nam Joo’s charismatic performance. She slays us as an impeccable anchorwoman. Her relationship with on-screen husband Ji Jin Hee is achingly unsentimental. Here are seven reasons to fall in love with Kim Nam Joo and get hooked on this Korean TV show!

1. She has her priorities straight

Not that a success-driven life is a prerequisite for admiration, but it is great to see an ambitious female protagonist in K-dramas, which has been festooned with the Cinderella types lately.

2. She is stylish AF

When playing an entry-level reporter or accomplished national news anchor, Kim Nam Joo is elegant in every single way. “You have to get lucky to wear pretty clothes to heart’s content in a drama,” Kim says, adding that she plans to share the wardrobe she has carefully built for the past 25 years.

3. She is inspirational

In the beginning of the show, entry-level reporter Go Hye Ran emanates indefatigable confidence while working towards her dreams. Now that she’s at top of her career, enemies abound, but she’s one heck of a smart cookie.

4. She has a great man by her side

Her actions and words make us wonder if she has fallen out of love with her husband after the 10-year-long relationship. Regardless, when she faces the biggest challenge of her life, he is the only one standing by her side and offering a shoulder to lean on.

5. Her IRL man is great as well

Kim Nam Joo and Kim Seung Woo are one of the Korean celebrity power couples. Actor Kim Seung Woo encouraged her to play Go Hye Ran after reading the screenplay, saying, “This show is made for you.” According to the reports, actor Ji Jin Hee also called Kim Nam Joo and said, “You should do it. I would feel so assured filming with you.”

6. She is so mysterious

Hye Ran is surprised to hear that she has become a murder suspect. But her success-driven temperament and willingness to eliminate anything in her way makes the audience question whether she was involved in the tragic car accident that killed Kevin Lee. (tk)

7. ?????

Let me take the question to you! Why are you girl crushing on the “Misty” actress Kim Nam Joo? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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