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K-Pop Dance Choreographer Lia Kim Is Inspiring Millions

Last updated on November 29, 2018

Hi Everyone, I’m Charles! Nice to meet you! I currently live in Seoul, and want to share some of my experiences with you. In the last few years, I discovered that I have a passion in cinematography and photography. And in pursuing this passion, I discovered and met amazing people like Lia Kim from 1Million Dance Studio. Let me introduce you to her in this blog post, and how she is inspiring millions to follow their passion. 

Firstly, Lia is an amazing choreographer (안무가) and dancer (Check out her website here). She has choreographed for some of the most popular K-Pop songs such as:

“TT” by Twice:

“Gashina” (가시나) by Sunmi (선미):

Side story: When I was driving Lia on a 24-hour-long project to Gwangju (광주), Sunmi called and they talked about the choreography to her new song which ended up, I later found out, being this song!!!

I.O.I’s (아이오아이) – “Very Very Very” (너무너무너무):

Twice’s “Like OOH-AHH” (OOH-AHH하게) and many many more:

Lia Kim is the founder and chief choreographer of 1Million, which has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube. She also occasionally teaches at Broadway Dance Center in New York City.


1Million Dance Studio in Gangnam, Seoul, is where Lia teaches, and it’s an amazing place to take lessons if you visit Seoul and have time. You can easily see their calendar and schedule of teachers online, and there is a video to show you how to sign up for classes as well at the bottom of their homepage.

In addition to teaching classes, 1Million Dance Studio has collaborated with artists like Jay Park:

In the time I got to spend time Lia driving her team for the 24-hour-long project and through casual conversations during Seoul Fashion Week and at 1Million, I discovered a few things about her. She’s amazingly hardworking (she always working or practicing or doing something related to her skills/passions), always aware (like really intelligent and perceptive), and so funny!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You can get to know more about her here in an interview:

Oh, did I mention, initially in her career, Lia became quite well known for her popping and locking:

All in all, it was truly an honor to get to know her and see her talent and dedication up close. It was super inspiring, and I hope you are inspired too by her choreo and dancing. Fun fact: The 1Million in the studio’s name represents her/their desire to inspire millions.

Giving Lia the Kinjaz Bomber Jacket at 1Million

Lastly, my hope is one day to make a dance video with her; I would be so honored to film someone so talented, passionate, and hardworking. Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you’re inspired to pursue your passions too!

Charles Chan is a Seoul-based photographer and videographer. For more information about Charles, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

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