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Infinite’s L: 7 Things You Never Knew

Last updated on November 21, 2018

Infinite’s L (Kim Myung Soo) is one sexy beast we can’t seem to stop obsessing about. If you’ve been wondering what this singer-actor has been up to since “Miss Hammurabi,” you’ll be super hyped to read this: L is staging a performance at K-Expo in New York City on September 30. Without further ado, here are five things you didn’t know about Myung Soo!

1. L’s ideal type is a stylish woman

“What I look for the most in a woman is her style,” he shared in a talk show. In another interview, Myungsoo said he likes a woman with long permed (wavy) hair.

2. In high school, classmates used to call him a Kim Bum lookalike

Do you see the uncanny resemblance?

3. Myung Soo’s voice has appeared on your favorite K-dramas

Kim Myung Soo sang the OSTs for “Shut Up Flower Boy Band (a song called ‘Love U Like U‘)” and “Ruler: Master of the Mask (‘It Doesn’t Have to be Me‘),” the latter of which he starred as the second male lead.

4. A talent agent scouted L on the streets


Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기


L.KIM(@kim_msl)님의 공유 게시물님,

Back in the days when Kim Myung Soo was an ordinary high school student, a talent agent stopped him on the streets and invited him for an audition, according to reports. He passed it and became the first member of Infinite.
5. He’s a published photographer

L is an author of two photo essays called “L’s Bravo Viewtiful.” For 93 days since purchasing a camera, he recorded his daily life with photos, memos, and illustrations.

6. L is a seasoned actor

Many of you will remember L from “Miss Hammurabi” or “Ruler: Master of the Mask.” But it’s a lesser known fact that he played many supporting roles before taking up the leads in the aforementioned dramas. In 2012, he played So Ji Sub’s child character in “The Master’s Sun.” in 2014, he played Joo Sang Wook’s secretary in “Cunning Single Lady.”

7. Myung Soo loves to read manga

“One Piece,” “Naruto,” you name it. This Infinite member loves manga so much that fans have spotted him in a comic book store in Hongdae many times, including on Christmas Eve in 2014.

Do you have anything else to add to this list about Infinite’s L? Please comment below!

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