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‘Are You Human?’ Press Conference: 5 Things We Loved

Are You Human?” is going to be a quality sci-fi drama Korea has never seen, like how “Descendants of the Sun” redefined Korean war drama. At yesterday’s press conference, we learned so much about the cast—Seo Kang Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Hwan Hee, Kim Sung Ryong, and Yu Oh Sung—and what they thought of this upcoming drama, which premieres Monday. Watch the highlights below and check out the five things we loved from the press conference!

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‘Miss Hammurabi’ Press Conference: 5 Things We Loved

This press conference was just like how L had described the drama’s film set: filled with laughter. “Miss Hammurabi” starring Go Ara and Kim Myung Soo (INFINITE’s L) premiered yesterday, and here are the highlights from this JTBC K-drama’s press conference.

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5 Korean Variety TV Shows We Recommend & Where to Watch

If you’ve been watching K-dramas for some time, then you’d probably want to get to know more about your favorite actors or singers-turned-actors. There’s no better way to do so than watching Korean variety TV shows. We love the variety or reality shows, because we get a glimpse of their true personality through watching them complete a mission, play games or perform in a competitive tournament. Take a look at the best Korean variety TV shows of 2018 so far and where to watch them below.

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