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Here’s What Seeing ‘Voice 2’ Cast IRL Was Like

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we attended the “Voice 2” press conference. Here’s what seeing the cast–Lee Jin WookLee Ha Na, Son Eun Seo, Ahn Sae Ha, and Kim Woo Seok–was like and our expectations for this crime thriller based on what went down in the press conference!

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Lee Jin Wook And Lee Ha Na Reveal Key Differences Between ‘Voice’ Season 1 And Season 2

If you love CSI-like crime thrillers or gory horror shows, you might want to give “Voice 2” a try. Fans loved Jang Hyuk’s “Voice” so much so that OCN is bringing the second installment of the series, which is rare for K-dramas. Instead of Jang Hyuk, a new detective Lee Jin Wook will lead the show along with the gifted voice profiler (Lee Ha Na) from season 1. Take a look at the new characters and plot line for “Voice” season 2!

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3 Things To Consider As You Watch Ji Sung & Han Ji Min’s ‘Familiar Wife’

We’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of “Familiar Wife (Wife I Know)” starring Ji Sung and Han Ji Min tonight! Watch the press conference to find out why Ji Sung wanted to become a baseball player had he not started acting, and behind-the-scenes stories to Han Ji Min’s on-screen outfits! Plus, scroll down to reveal three things to consider as you watch “Familiar Wife.”

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​7 Korean TV Shows We Recommend for Twentysomethings

In your twenties, you will probably finish school, begin to define your work identity, and maybe even meet the love of your life. In fact, your twenties are so important that clinical psychologist Meg Jay calls it the defining decade. We’ve picked some Korean dramas and films in which you could vicariously explore romance, friendship, and work life of twentysomethings. “The Best Hit” actor Lee Se Young says her character “represents all twentysomething-year-olds who work hard.” And “Because It’s the First Time” is the twenties version of the hit series “I Need Romance.” Scroll down for more Korean TV shows for twentysomethings.

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